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Playing at the Kumzits in Times Sqaure

Ready to Rock!

Singing with Gad Elbaz in Las Vegas

Fun with the kids at a bar mitzvah!

Performing with Eli Beer

A Cappella group performing at a Shul Dinner in Brooklyn

Uplighting for a Chinese Auction​

Video shoot for upcoming music video

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Rocking a 1st Dance.                                               Photo Credit: Eli Weintraub

Motivator Doniel Hoff dances with the boys at a Bar Mitzvah.                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Avi Gross

DJing from the balcony.

Performing with singer Hillel Kapnick.             Photo Credit: Eli Weintraub

Kids having fun before a gig with photographer Benji Weintraub.

Cool business card concept. 

More Pictures Coming Soon!

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